Exposing the New Dangers of Pork

Swine were designed to be scavengers: to eat the earth's filth, dead, sewage and waste. But after they do their work, it was not designed for humans to turn around and eat the organic garbage disposal itself! If we are going to eat the earth's filth ourselves, then making the swine was simply unnecessary. I am confident that if any intelligent person currently eating this most dangerous flesh, read the well documented facts inside this book, they will stop eating the poisonous swine immediately! For those who have stopped, you will want to investigate further, because you'd be surprised at the new forms this animal comes in, especially with the enormous variety of genetically engineered "foods." This is a process, of which, food manufacturers DO NOT have to inform the public by food labeling.


    8x5.5, 1LB, 140 Pgs.


    • Swine
    • Pork
    • Nasir M. Hakim
    • Genetic Modification
    • Eradiation

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