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Exposing The War Against Islam

Exposing The War Against Islam

SKU: B82931

Exposing The War Against Islam: An analysis that uncovers the causes, culprits, and conspiracies behind the orchestrated rise in Islamophobia

by Ilia Rashad Muhammad - Item #B82931 - $25.00 


In Exposing The War Against Islam, Ilia Rashad Muhammad has returned with another anticipated publication—this time he’s revealing and exposing the powerful culprits and groups most responsible for the centuries-long attacks against Blacks and Muslims, as well as those behind today’s infamous “War on Terror.” Muhammad’s research and analyses further expose the conspiracies and culprits behind the orchestrated rise of Islamophobia, while offering viable solutions stemming from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s frequently-overlooked program.  ISBN/EAN13: 0989977455 /978-0989977456 Page Count: 268

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