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In the Name of Allah, Vol. 1

In the Name of Allah, Vol. 1

SKU: B8284

In the Name of Allah, Vol. 1: A History of Clarence 13X and the Five 

Percenters by Wakeel Allah - Item #B8284 - $30.00 


In The Name Of Allah: A History of Clarence 13X and The Five Percenters is the first definitive history every written about this powerful youth movement. Thousands of young Blacks and Latinos have pledged allegiance to the philosophy of the Five Percenters. Their influence has permeated throughout the streets of urban America, the school system, rap music and the penal institutions. The origins of the Five Percenters can be traced to its founder the late Clarence 13X Smith a.k.a. Allah. A former member of Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam, he studied under Minister Malcolm X at the Harlem Mosque in the early 60’s. He left the organization and subsequently founded a youth movement based on the core doctrine of the NOI and his own lessons referred to as Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets. The name and ideology of the Five Percenters are derived from NOI teachings that describe the population into three categories. The 85% are misled to believe in a mystery god, the 10% teach lies to master the poor and superstitious, and alas the 5% are the poor righteous teachers of freedom, justice and equality who teach that the true and living God is the Black Man of Asia. During his short reign as leader of the Five Percenters, Clarence 13X (Allah) faced many challenges but accomplished many objectives. Unfortunately in June of 1969, he was gunned down by unknown assassins. ISBN/EAN13: 0982161816/978-0982161814 Page Count: 394

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