Is Elijah Muhammad The Offspring of Noble Drew Ali and Marcus Garvey

Is Elijah Muhammad The Offspring Of Noble Drew Ali And Marcus Garvey By Nasir Hakim This book examines the claim of Elijah Muhammad's roots. It has been said that success is an orphan with many fathers. The history, work and success of Elijah Muhammad is a classic example. Although during the great migration of blacks from the south to the north, many attempts were made to address their plight in the inner cities, the true solution went unaddressed until Master Fard Muhammad (God in person) came and raised up, then taught Elijah Muhammad how to raise the mentally dead so-called Negroes of America. The book lays out interesting arguments which enables the reader to see the clear evidence. The Fruit never falls far from the tree from whence it came.


    8x5.5, 1LB, 140 Pgs.


    • Noble Drew Ali
    • Nation of Islam
    • Nasir M. Hakim
    • Master Fard Muhammad
    • Marcus Garvey
    • Elijah Muhammad

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