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Manhood Principles, Parables, Concepts and Characteristics from the Holy Qur’an

Manhood Principles, Parables, Concepts and Characteristics from the Holy Qur’an

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The purpose of this book is to provide a resource of guidance. The purpose is also to facilitate and encourage the mental growth, spiritual advancement , physical strengthening and moral development of men who have, out of the sea of all possible choices, chosen to become men of Allah (God). This book is designed to give those of us who have made such a choice, the right attitude and approach to proper masculine development. The primary means with which we accomplish this is through the utilization of the Muslim’s greatest sacred text-the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an is the root of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh/saw) success and achievements. It is also the book that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad used to build the Nation of Islam in America.Famous American writer Mark Twain wrote in a letter to Francis Wayland on December 24, 1885 concerning the African-American Male that:“We have ground the manhood out of them…”Mark Twain’s words written over 100 years ago are borne witness to in the overall woeful condition of the African-American (Black) male. History and statistics provide definitive reasons for how the condition of the African-American (Black) male provides a context for the production of this book.For a long time now, many who have searched for positive examples of African-American manhood have identified the men of the Black Muslim community as exemplary. This volume presents a study of the Holy Qur’an that extracts important themes to communicate in a universal way, the principles that have made the men of the Muslim community strong, courageous and dependable role models for the youth. What is found within the pages of this book are important keys that will be appreciated by men of all faiths and all ethnic backgrounds. ISBN/EAN13: 0996515666/978-978-0996515665 Page Count: 36

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