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Mother of the Nation Part 1

Mother of the Nation Part 1

SKU: B82955

Mother of the Nation: Clara Evans Muhammad: Wife of Elijah Muhammad, Mother of Imam W. Deen Mohammed Part 1 

by Dr. R. Zakiyyah Muhammad   - Item #B82955 - $23.00 


Clara Muhammad, wife of a formidable spiritual leader, would develop an edifying program for Black women focusing on cultural changes in diet, dress, etiquette and racial pride. It would transform Black womanhood and family life and erase the staggering effects of racism on their psyche. Her lifelong struggle for the dignity and self-respect of African American women makes for memorable reading. Of particular interest is the description of Clara’s “stand” against authorities who visited her when she refused to send her children to “the Devil’s schools.” A forerunner of Home Schooling, Clara initiated an independent Black educational institution. Later, she would administer the “Nation” during her husband’s imprisonment, and introduce the Holy Qur’an into the US prison system.Pivoting from the biggest questions about American history to the most intimate concerns of a mother for her husband, children and people, Mother of the Nation offers an insightful perspective for understanding our nation’s racial history and its current social crisis. ISBN/13: 979-8655714496- Page Count: 236

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