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Nations Are Destroyed Because Men Forget

Nations Are Destroyed Because Men Forget

Nations Are Destroyed Because Men Forget By Nasir Makr Hakim Nations Are Destroyed Because Men Forget lays out for the reader how the manipulation and deception practiced on universally by the world came to bear in all its intensity on the believers within the Nation of Islam. In 1975 the Nation changed direction is an overt, in your face, way. Not like the attempt in 1964 with Malcolm X's short-lived attempt, but it was brought full circle with Wallace Muhammad's ascension to leadership. Yet, he went at change as one using a hatchet; consequently, he could not affect the roots as would one who would want to kill a thing. Yet, an attempt at killing the roots of the Nation, which is the basis of its distinction, is underway with the present leadership of Louis Farrakhan.


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