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Paradigm Shift What Every Student of Messenger Elijah Muhammad Should Know

Paradigm Shift What Every Student of Messenger Elijah Muhammad Should Know

This book is prepared to assist those who seek the results of learning higher knowledge. When you have this particular type of knowledge, it enables its bearer to overcome obstacles, barriers or resistance. Simply having the latest information, tidbits of gossip or misinformation, doesn't qualify. In this age of information, many have come to believe that quantity is just as valuable as quality, but when it comes to subjects such as theology (God Science), metaphysics (Form and Spirit) or esotericism (Mysteries and Secrets), quality is everything. The best quality is knowledge which is firmly rooted or based on natural law and consistent with modern time.


Unfortunately, more times than not, when introduced to this type of knowledge, rarely are we told that incremental spiritual development is necessary; consequently, we take in knowledge or degrees of knowledge before time and it may corrupt us, short change us or extend us beyond our capacity, which results in more damage than good. The reader is invited to a paradigm shift that will provide a different way of seeing Elijah Muhammad's messengership in a very progressive light. A check up from the neck up is needed. Once you free your mind, the rest of you will follow. The reader will find it here.


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