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Religion - Who Needs It?

Religion - Who Needs It?

Religion: Who Needs It? By Nasir Hakim What is Religion and Who Needs It? Does the animals of the field have a "religion" that instructs them on how to interact in their day to day existence? If we consider the religious or moral implications among humans, who are animals to a certain degree, is it religious or moral for a male dog, for instance, to fiercely fight another male if it attempts to sexually interact with it? On the other hand, since reason, etc... is what separates man from the level of animals with the faculty of thought, why do homosexuality, promiscuity and bestiality exist among mankind? T

he animals seem to have a "natural code" of conduct that's built in from birth. Did the Creator leave that out of all humans? Could it be that a religion is needed when the properties therein are not hardwired by natural means. Consequently, how to be moral, good and right, has to be nurtured, because it's missing by nature?


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