We Must Preserve Our Distinction or Die

We Must Preserve Our Distinction or Die

We Must Preserve Our Distinction Or Die! By Nasir Makr Hakim Muslims, followers of Elijah Muhammad, have been bombarded with a host of outward as well as inward attacks. Their distinction is their power, but in the land where breaching all elements of normalcy is the order of the day, racial integration, religious integration, social integration, cultural integration, political integration, and philosophical integration erode the very fabric of what makes the Nation of Islam unique and qualified for this time - OUR TIME! With the coming of God, as many scriptures of religion talks about, the original is making himself known again. This is being done through the words given to Elijah Muhammad from God Himself. Those internalizing these word and becoming doers instead of hearers only, are taking on a different distinction that those still in the mind of mankind. We Must Preserve Our Distinction or Die was written to address this argument.


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